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The island of Rhodes is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It has got so many amazing sights to see, places to visit and people are just so welcoming. The island is one of those places boasting the most brilliant beaches and top quality resorts. There are also the old and ancient ruins that add some sort of exotic charm to the island that any history buff would love to see.

Of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is the largest and offers you such great, unique wealth of experiences unique to the city. There are the bustling cities if you want bright lights, or you can enjoy the serene woodlands surrounding the city. You will also enjoy the old town of Rhodes’ historic gems that made it a World Heritage Site. 

These old ruins of the city are some of the favorite places that people go and visit the city. It just doesn’t compare the beauty that they are. These tourist sites very rarely fail in impressing the numerous visitors who set foot in the island city. If festivals are your thing, there are also many throughout the year. Some of the popular festivals are:

  • Festival of Saint Amos which happens in Faliraki around the Monastery of Prophet Amos. The festival is held in order to celebrate both the saint and the monastery. During the festival, the locals like to bring food and wine, have barbeque and dance to some Greek music till morning.
  • Medieval Rose Festival. With the Medieval Rose Festival, the whole town feels like it goes back in time to its roots. It is an ever-popular festival to every tourist. During the festival, the locals would often dress up to go to parades. The streets then are all filled with jesters, fire-eaters and jugglers, everybody just enjoying the day.  There are also archery contests, market and puppet theatres during the festival.

These are two of the festivals you will surely enjoy to see and experience when you visit Rhodes. These are one the reasons why the island is very popular, being all merry and bright when you visit them. Of course, there are other great places to set foot in Rhodes. Some of the things you can do in the island include:

  • Strolling in the Palace of the Grand Masters
  • Discovering the Butterfly Valley
  • On the road the casual street-side bar of Kalathos
  • Experience the nightlife in the village of Lindos
  • Hitting the beautiful shops in Rhodes Town
  • Eat a traditional Greek dinner
  • Have some “me” time in the Faliraki Beach
  • Unwind on the Kalithea Beach
  • Take a boat trip in Kolymbia Cove
  • Surf at the beautiful beach of Prasonissi

These are only some of the things you can enjoy in Rhodes. If you look around, the island is such a magnificent place that you will love every bit of it. So, how can you go to the island and enjoy its beauty? How can you truly enjoy the island? What is the best mode of transportation to get around the city? Among the many ways you can stroll around, car rental in Rhodes is the best way you can experience the beauty that the island offers you.


Why Choose Car Rental Rhodes in Travelling?

The island Rhodes is the largest in the Dodecanese islands. With that, you can expect that travelling will take you a lot of time, especially when your destination is still ways away from your destination, commuting can be real hard. In that sense, car rental services offer various kinds of cars from SUV, minivan, etc. to make your travel a lot faster and comfortable.

Car rentals in Rhodes are perfect for large groups of travelers. If you come with a group of friends, colleagues, or your extended family, it can be a hassle to stroll around and get to your destination without a car. But, instead of bringing your own car, you can instead rent from car rental agencies in Rhodes. They offer new and clean car rentals for comfortable ride, on time and without any kind of hassle.

At the same time, by hiring car rentals in Rhodes, you can save on time and money, especially in the maintenance of your own car. In case that your car breaks down during your rental period, your car rental agency will replace it so that you can continue your journey on. Of course, it is very rare that such occurrence happens so you don’t have to worry so much about it.

One advantage of car rentals is the variety of cars they provide. Even with such large party, you can find car rental agencies able to provide 9 to 15-passenger van. With that, it is probably possible to bring the whole gang in your vacation in Rhodes. This way, you can go to the many places and events that Rhodes is famous about without a hitch.

It is such a help to rent a car as well when you go to a business trip in Rhodes. You can go to your destination fast and without hassle and you can also project a certain image with it. You simply have to choose the right kind of vehicle to hire. Of course, there are plenty of car rentals that you can choose from to meet your needs.

When travelling to Rhodes, car rental is always the most convenient mode of transportation. This way, you can comfortable and truly enjoy the sights you went to see. It gives you extended rest as well after flying to the city. Sure, commuting would be ideal if you want rest but with you bringing quite a few luggages for your vacation, it’s always the best choice to rent a car.

These are some of the reasons why it is really for the best that your rent a car in Rhodes. So what are you waiting for? Go and check out car rental services in Rhodes and find out the right kind of service they offer to your needs.


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